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Legal Representation
For Truck Accident Victims in Metairie, LA

Truck accidents can be serious and leave you with large medical bills, mountains of debt, and lingering injuries. The truck accident attorneys at The Law Office of Andrew R. Schwing have a long-standing history of securing the best compensation possible for truck accident victims in Metairie, Louisiana.

Fighting Against Big Insurance Companies

Insurance companies that service trucking businesses are adequately represented and staffed to deal with 18-wheeler accidents and will rush to the accident site the minute an accident is reported. The employees of these insurance companies are focused on mitigating the damage to the company itself and typically strive to protect the company over the best interests of the drivers involved in the accident. You do not want to deal with skilled adjusters, detailed investigators, specialists, and insurance attorneys on your own. Insurance companies are not eager to compensate you for your injury claim, therefore, it is crucial to reach out to an experienced truck accident lawyer for guidance.

Why are Trucking Accidents so Prevalent in Metairie, Louisiana?

Due to Metairie’s close proximity to New Orleans, the roads in Metairie leave little room for error as bumper-to-bumper traffic can frequently result in accidents with other vehicles. Common causes of trucking accidents in Metairie include the following.

– Driving while drowsy

– Driving while distracted

– Speeding or breaking traffic laws

– Drivers failing to maintain control of their semi-truck

– Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

– Driving with malfunctioning or defective truck parts

– Truckers driving without proper training from the trucking company

– Tire blowouts

– Jackknifing which causes the trailer of the truck to swing and become perpendicular to the front of the truck

– Under-riding, where the bumper of the truck simply doesn’t meet regulations and a smaller car has the ability to go underneath the truck.


What To Do After A Truck Accident in Louisiana

 In the crucial moments after another vehicle collides with a truck, it’s crucial that you act quickly. The moment a truck crash is reported, trucking companies and their teams spring into action with the quick processes they have in place for responding to trucking accidents. As soon as the insurance company is notified, adjusters are sent to the scene and rely on strategies aimed to get you to quickly agree to a low settlement, even before you know the full extent of the damage.

Due to the pushy nature of the strategies used by the insurance company, there are certain steps that you can quickly take in order to protect yourself from being exploited. It’s imperative to seek medical attention even if you do not feel injured. It’s also important to gather adequate amounts of evidence by taking photos and collecting the contact information of witnesses. Finally, you should seek the counsel of an experienced truck accident lawyer who will efficiently fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies will often attempt to minimize your compensation for the damages.


How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

 Due to the sheer size and difficulty involved with maneuvering large semi-trucks, these trucks can cause serious damage to your vehicle, as well cause grave injuries to yourself. However, truck accidents involving commercial vehicles are more complex than accident claims involving smaller vehicles.  

When facing an uphill battle against intimidating insurance agencies and their underhanded practices and often unfair denial of accident claims, it’s imperative to turn to an experienced and trusted truck accident attorney who can walk you through every step of the legal process and fight your battles for you. Here at The Law Office of Andrew R. Schwing, our truck accident lawyers have a long history of fighting for injured victims throughout the state of Louisiana, and we know how to carefully gather all of the evidence necessary to build a strong case. Instead of wallowing in piles of paperwork and clutter, our attorneys will hand all of the evidence, review medical records, talk with witnesses, and take care of the legal details while you focus on recovering and getting well.  

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Don’t let trucking companies take advantage of you. If you’ve been injured—or someone you love has been hurt or killed—get an experienced legal team on your side as soon as possible. An experienced truck accident attorney can keep the trucking company and its insurer from exploiting you and your loved ones during this difficult time and ensure that you recover the compensation that you deserve. 

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