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In recent years, ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular. More and more people use them to get places they need to go, whether that’s the airport or home after a night out. Unfortunately, with the increased use of ride-sharing apps comes another trend: increased Uber and Lyft-related car accidents.
At the Law Office of Andrew R. Schwing in New Orleans, we represent people who were injured in Uber, Lyft and taxi-related accidents. We understand some of the legal complexities that can come with these cases, and we work diligently to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Each case is different. We represent drivers, as well as passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians. When you come to us for a free and confidential consultation, we will listen to the details of your accident and help you understand the best way to proceed.

The Law on Ridesharing and Personal Injury Cases

The ridesharing industry is new, so the laws that affect transportation network companies are still developing. It’s likely that things will change in the future as new laws are passed.

Generally, regular car insurance does not cover cars being used by Uber and Lyft. So, people who are injured by Uber and Lyft drivers should have their lawyers take on Uber and Lyft’s own insurance carriers. These insurance carriers may cover up to $1 million in expenses, depending on the facts of the case.

Taxis and Personal Injury Cases

There are many reasons that taxis cause accidents in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Since each case is different, it’s important to investigate thoroughly. Some taxi drivers are independent contractors, while others work for large cab companies with established reputations. Our investigations sometimes reveal that:

►The driver was operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
►The driver was never properly trained
►The driver violated traffic laws
►The driver failed to create a safe environment for you as a passenger
►The vehicle was poorly and inappropriately maintained
►Parts of the vehicle were defective and dangerous
►Other factors, like dangerous road conditions or other drivers, were to blame

If you are involved in a New Orleans taxi accident, you can work with us to uncover the facts about your situation. When we take your case, we’ll obtain all relevant records and other information to hold negligent and reckless taxi operators accountable for the harm they cause.

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At the Law Office of Andrew R. Schwing, we can answer your questions about Uber, Lyft or Taxi accidents and help you take effective action to protect your rights. Consultations are free, confidential and at no obligation. To talk with a lawyer about your wreck, complete our contact form or call 504-613-0621. We serve clients in New Orleans and Houma and throughout Louisiana.

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